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Book Review: Women, Sex, Power & Pleasure

Women, Sex, Power & Pleasure: Getting the Life (and Sex) You Want is a wonderful sexuality book by Evelyn Resh (MPH, CNM). The author sent me a copy of this book and I'm so happy to have received such a solid book on women's sexuality.

First of all, I love that this book takes a holistic approach to women's sexuality. The author begins the book with a chapter on six different markers of emotional well-being. This chapter covers things like health-seeking behaviors, creativity, and empathy. I found this alone is an amazing resource and great place to begin with both exploring your sexuality and aiming to have a more fulfilling life.

The rest of the chapters conquer excuses women often use when letting their sexuality fall into a rut. Chapters such as "I'm just too busy," "Honestly, it's all he thinks about," and "Becoming your own activist" give you an idea of the content covered. There are also chapters on menopause, body image, and…

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