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I Write Erotica

“I write erotica.”
It took me a long time to say this with confidence rather than trepidation.
Living in a small Midwestern town, I never really know how someone is going to react when the topic of sex pops up, even fictional sex in books. Some people become ecstatic and chew my ear off for an hour because they so rarely find anyone else that enjoys reading smut. Other times I get a panicked lecture about how pornography is ruining marriages or how some aspect of sex/sexual expression will end up being the downfall of civilized society.
You know, it’s a mixed bag.
Most often, the reactions are much less dramatic. It’s either “Oh, cool” or “Oh, well, let’s talk about something else.” Which is perfectly fine.
Quite honestly, I’m not afraid of conflict or confrontation. I’d rather know where someone’s thoughts and beliefs are rather than covering them up with half-truths or silence. And since I’m a weird sex radical with both liberal and conservative views I’m fairly practiced at holdin…
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Sex, Labels, and Cataloging

I've been thinking about labels a lot lately. Mainly because my muse has refused to let me write anything but multiple partnered stories and I'm wondering how the hell I'm going to market my next short story collection when the time comes to publish it. The book is erotic romance, yes, but the multi-partner thing is still not really a given—most readers expect a pairing.
I could just go on to say the stories feature multiple partners, but that doesn't really solve my problems. Because for many readers, there is a major difference between reading a M/F/M, F/M/F, M/M/M or a F/F/F story. And since all the stories I've drafted so far are a combination of M/F partners (F/F/M and M/M/F mostly) I pretty much cut out readers who are ONLY interested in hetero pairings or ONLY interested in same-sex pairings.
Perhaps, then, do I bust out my good old Bisexual label and say I write multi-partnered Bisexual erotic romance? Well, that would be nice, except in one of my stories a…

Excerpts from "Booked: A BDSM Romance"

I'm feeling some love right now for my BDSM romance "Booked" and I wanted to share some of the inspiration board images I used when writing the book. Below you'll find several of the images with excerpts. Happy, kinky reading ;) 

Nate Fuller looks like a typical artist: Part-time novelist, part-time bartender, and dedicated volunteer at the public library. But beneath the surface, Nate keeps many secrets. Nerve damage has left him without feeling in most of his body. He has a thing for being tied up. And the interlibrary loan librarian Charlotte is his BDSM Domme.   Between his body and his kinks, Nate has always had a difficult time with romance. But when he meets the new assistant library director James Albright, things in that department quickly heat up. Unfortunately, James has never been exposed to BDSM beyond the erotica section and Nate has always been more comfortable lying about his body and his sexuality. But James has a secret of his own and clues begin to…

Blood and Lipstick: My Body, My Wound Care

I am beautiful, even when I am bleeding. *
I was wiping off my lipstick the other day and I paused with the red stained cloth in my hands. For a moment I thought the lipstick looked like blood. Thing is, I’m so used to seeing my own blood, I found this moment more poetic than morbid.
Wound care has always been a part of my life. I was born with nerve damage that has had a huge impact on my body: I can’t feel over half of my body. I have issues with circulation, and the nerve damage makes it harder for me to digest food. I’ve been under-weight my entire life and have to work hard to get the nutrients my body needs.
Because of all this, I’m more likely to get hurt and when I do, it is more difficult for me to heal.
I have frequently cut or hurt myself in places I cannot feel and not known until someone tells me I’m bleeding or I see the blood on my clothes. I wear leg braces to walk and when I get new ones I often develop multiple pressure sores during the process of fitting and adjusting …

Ways Porn Has Helped My Life

Earlier this week @KelseyObsession on Twittier ( posted a poll asking if porn has helped people’s lives, hurt people’s lives, or been a neutral force. I answered that porn has helped my life... because it has!
I see the sentence “porn ruined my life” so often but I can honestly say that in many ways porn saved my life. (It’s a bit too click baity even for me to use as a headline, but it doesn’t make it any less true). On top of that, there has been another anti-porn wave on social media lately, so I thought I would go ahead and dedicate a post to the ways porn has helped my life.
First things first. When I write about porn, I usually get a lot of the same questions so I’ll just preface by answering those questions now: 1. No, I don’t work in the adult industry. Aside from one erotica story I wrote being published in an alternative porn magazine and a few erotic photoshoots that have never been published except as cropped header images for my blog posts, I’ve never be…

Book Review: Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 3

It has been a few months since the release of Best Women’s Erotica of the Year Volume 3, but I have finally been able to spend some time reading through the book and collecting my thoughts for a review. (A video version of my review is at the end of this post!)
First off, one of my stories was published in the book and I am honored to have my work included with so many wonderful writers. My piece is called “A Stolen Story” and features a F/F/M pairing with an historical flair.
In my story, my main character is a researcher who is enamored with a bit of local history: An Old West murder of a saloon woman named Rosetta and her younger lover George. I let readers decide if what commences is sexual fantasy or legitimate ghost sex. Because the world needs more sexual fantasy and ghost sex!
My story is one of the multi-partnered stories in the collection, but there are also straight and lesbian couplings. The stories are contemporary and some feature elements of kink. Most of the stories also …

My Thoughts On Adding Kink to the LGBT+ Acronym

I would like to preface the following by saying that this is not an assertive, serious-toned post with a mic-drop at the end. At the end of the day, I’m really not passionate one way or the other on if a ‘K’ is added to the LGBT+ acronym. I’m not even using the full acronym to comment on adding the K on. However, since I wrote a book about being a fetishist, I admit I did have some thoughts when an article on the subject of adding kink into the LGBT+ appeared in my radar.
So, today I’m sharing some of those thoughts. These are only my thoughts. Consider what follows a sort of thinking out loud. I’m sure there are plenty of people more qualified than me who will hash things out. Especially seeing as the comments section on the above article is far longer and complicated than the original article. (Though that, perhaps was the goal.)
At any rate. Some of my thoughts.
First off, I do consider kink to be my sexual orientation. But I completely understand how people won’t accept kink as a se…