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Masturbation Vacation

Yes, indeed May is National Masturbation Month, and you can learn more by clicking here!

That's the fun announcement. The other announcement is that The Unlaced Librarian will be taking a blog vacation during the month of May. And while I wish I would just be masturbating while I'm away from the blog, the truth is I will be getting caught up on a ridiculous number of book reviews and polishing up articles for June as June is Adult Sex Ed Month! If you would like to see all the articles from last year by topic, click here. Be sure to check out the "Sex and Disabilities" category for the contributions by The Unlaced Librarian.

Before you get too far, you can also check out the post I wrote for National Masturbation Month 2014.

Until I return please peruse the archives. I have tagged posts by topic. I suggest my favorites: Book Reviews, Disability, Open Relationships, and of course, Porn.

Until then, take care, and happy Masturbation Month! I'll be back Monday Jun…