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Book Review: Beyond Orgasm

When I picked up “Beyond Orgasm: Dare to be Honest About the Sex You Really Want” by Dr. Marty Klein, I thought I was in for a general sexuality guide book. What I found was one of my new favorite sexuality books.

I found this book to be extremely accessible for readers. The formatting is clean and the text is spaced nicely. The smaller trim size also allows for the book to not appear overwhelming at first glance. There are black and white photos at the beginnings of chapters, but they are not distracting.

The premise of the book is not a “how-to” manual or sex guide but rather a move to understand and overcome sexual secrecy. There are no anatomy diagrams, and though the topics are discussed throughout, there are no “token” chapters on communication, affairs, or arousal. The book represents sexuality as a whole, and debunks myths surrounding perfect or “normal” sexuality.

As individuals and a society, we keep sexual secrets all the time, and this really gets in the way of having …

Book Review: Love in Abundance, a Counselor's Advice on Open Relationships

Love in Abundance: A Counselor's Advice on Open Relationships by Kathy Labriola published by Greenery Press is a fairly concise book on solving conflicts and dealing with problems in polyamorous relationships. While this is not one of my favorite books on polyamory, the title has much to offer readers.

The good:

Overall the book is very accessible for readers. It is a manageable 192 pages and the book is broken into five parts for easy navigation. A whole section is devoted to managing jealousy and there are some specialty chapters that deal with feminism and BDSM. The author brings up many conflicts that can develop in polyamorous relationships and asks many difficult questions. I commend the author for bringing up so many raw situations and addressing difficult questions. The chapter on jealousy was useful and I appreciate the down-to-earth view the book promotes.

The bad:

Parts of the book felt rushed or incomplete. The narration felt a little rough, probably because the author’…