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Happy National Masturbation Month, 2014!

I couldn’t let May get away without posting in honor of National Masturbation Month! A bit of background can be found here and here.

Let me begin by saying, I love masturbating. It’s right up there with chocolate ├ęclairs and summer rainstorms. I completely believe masturbation should be addressed in sexual education. As an adult with some experience of relationships, I am sad to see how masturbation can at times come between partners in committed relationships. Feelings of shame, betrayal, and jealousy often surround masturbation between partners in relationships. And single people often feel that it is dirty, embarrassing, or feel they are pathetic for masturbating rather than having a partner.

Personally, I wish I had masturbated more when I was single and before I was sexually active. All the things I had discovered about my sexuality solo were things that are really enjoyable with a partner. Masturbation helped me learn my body and what I want sexually so I could communicate that…