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Book Review: Bottoms Up, Spanking Good Stories

"Bottoms Up: Spanking Good Stories" edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel is one of the spanking erotica anthologies released by Cleis Press. This one was published in 2009.

Picking up an anthology of short stories that focused specifically on spanking felt like a gamble to me. I was worried the stories might be repetitive, or worse, cheese-tastic. But I love (love!) Cleis Press so I went ahead and bought this collection and am happy to report I was not disappointed.

There was plenty of variety... men spanking women, women with men over her knees, women belting women, men thwacking men. Each of the stories had a unique angle. No one was like another.

Many of the stories drew the characters vivid and real, while others left a lot to the imagination, I would wager so the reader could insert themselves into the story. A couple of the stories frustrated me... I couldn't quite believe the turn of events, even through my rosy-red-cheeked glasses.

Overall, however, I was impressed w…