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Book Review: Pornland by Gail Dines

((Video version of this review is at the end of this post))

This book is confuddling to me because I agree (I think) with most of the book's concept: I do believe that porn has greatly influenced the way we view and shape our world, relationships, and our sexualities. Unlike the author, however, I'm not anti-porn. She says she's not anti-porn either, just anti "gonzo" or very violent porn. So, why I disliked this book shouldn't be on mere concept alone.

Overall I was confused as to what the author was getting at with her book. Does she want to end porn? Does she want people to talk about how they "use" porn? While she goes on about the evils of it she never offers alternatives. She talks about guys who are addicted and guilty about porn use but doesn't tell them what to do. She plays on women's insecurities by saying things like (paraphrased) guys who use porn get used to huge boobs so yours look inadequate, page 91. Or, guys who use porn …