Booked: A BDSM Romance

A novelist. A librarian. Detective Roleplay. Psychological kink.
Nate Fuller looks like a typical artist: Part-time novelist, part-time bartender, and dedicated volunteer at the public library. But beneath the surface, Nate keeps many secrets. Nerve damage has left him without feeling in most of his body. He has a thing for being tied up. And the interlibrary loan librarian Charlotte is his BDSM Domme.  

Between his body and his kinks, Nate has always had a difficult time with romance. But when he meets the new assistant library director James Albright, things in that department quickly heat up.

Unfortunately, James has never been exposed to BDSM beyond the erotica section and Nate has always been more comfortable lying about his body and his sexuality. But James has a secret of his own and clues begin to appear behind the detective crime novels he reads every night.   

Armed with handcuffs and a thrill for the chase, Nate sets out to uncover their dream power dynamic – and true love. 

HEA. Standalone. M/M romance/erotic pairing and M/F kink pairing. Bisexual main male character.

More Titles
Cast From the Earth

Old West. Polyamorous Romance. Zombies. Need I say more?

An epidemic that turns men into monsters has seized the nation. At first the disease only spreads in cities but soon cannibals are roaming the prairie, threatening the quiet little towns of the late 19th Century heartland.

At an isolated poor farm in rural America, Sara Warren has survived a tumultuous life of loss and an accident that leaves her with one leg – but she is hopeless of any other future until a woman named Cordelia arrives at the farm and changes Sara's life forever.

Along with Dan, a man who can't hear and Grace, a young woman who is more concerned with her sewing needles than people, they face the oncoming apocalypse with their wits and their bare hands. When it seems like all is lost, a man from Sara's past named Jack returns to her life and they all realize the only way to survive is together.

A story of romance, violence, sex, and the wild prairie that proves broken bodies still feel pleasure and broken souls can find love – even at the end of the world.

Trophy Wife: Sexuality. Disability. Femininity. A sexuality memoir by Leandra Vane

Hello there, I am Leandra Vane. I write a sexuality and book review blog called The Unlaced Librarian. I read a lot of books about sex, so I figured it’s about time I wrote one. My entire life I have been working to understand three core aspects of my identity: My sexuality, my visible physical disability and my femininity. For the longest time, I never thought I’d be able to live in a world that accepted all three without reprisal. Part memoir, part commentary on social issues in sex and disability, I write about my experiences growing from a timid, small town “nice girl” to an empowered, confidently sexual and kinky disabled woman. From my first pair of sexy panties through navigating my open marriage, I hope to shed light on how embodied experiences play a role in shaping our sexual lives. Add in a dash of porn, a splash of erotica, and a few musings on marriage, I present to you Trophy Wife: Sexuality. Disability. Femininity. Join me, won’t you?

Sacred & Profane: Priest Erotic Romance
My story "Shelter" is included in this anthology. A touch of kink, romance, and eroticism.

Goodbye Moderation: Lust

My short story "Wildest Dreams" is included in this edgy collection that explores the urges, perversions and frustrations of sex through erotica.

Silence is Golden: Contemporary Kink-Inspired Erotica
 My short story "Pushing Buttons" is included in this anthology!

From Top to Bottom edited by Harper Bliss

My short story "Inside" is included in this erotic power-exchange anthology!

A Bloom In Cursive Ten stories of literary erotica.

A Bloom in Cursive is deep, secret pleasure with all the thoughts that scratch and scar the surface. Ten stories of literary erotica bring together unique characters in unlikely places. Lora has never been in an adult book store. Elsie craves revenge. Carolyn wants to be seen for who she is on the inside. Victoria takes a chance to spice up history. Liesl needs to make some new memories. From a rundown Chinese joint to a flower shop, from a nature museum to a hardware store, the scenarios in this collection are what happen when everything you want blossoms into life.
Available in print
Also available as a kindle ebook 

Works in Progress

Thinking Myself Off: Fantasy, Fetish, and My Erotic Imagination Release Date: Winter 2017

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