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Mission / F.A.Q.

Mission Statement:

As your friendly (and kinky) Unlaced Librarian, erotic romance writer, and sex educator my mission is to hold up resources that help us all sew together our fantasies with our realities, and to do so in ways that are healthy and authentic. My goal is to bring conversations and visibility to our sexual fantasies and provide guidance for navigating erotic media like pornography and erotica. My work also explores aspects of embodiment and relationship dynamics including disability, open relationships, kink, and BDSM. Together, I hope we can all discover the ways our erotic imaginations can make our lives and relationships more fulfilling.

In 2017 I finally was able to put a rendering of my mission in ink,
so I can carry it with me almost literally on my sleeve.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are you a real librarian?

A: I am! An actual, factual librarian. I use my background in library science to enhance my sex education work to include things like intellectual freedom and information access.

Q: Do you have a disability?

A: I do. I was born with Lipomyelomeningocele. I live with nerve damage, have a bladder ileostomy, and walk with leg braces. I explore perspectives of disability often in both my fiction and non-fiction writing.

Q: What kind of a writer are you?

A: I call myself an erotic romance writer. I have self-published novel length erotic romances featuring themes of polyamory, bisexuality, and disability. My erotica and romance has been traditionally published in numerous anthologies. I also write memoir and guidance/educational non-fiction on various topics of sex and relationships.

Q: Do you take proposals for book reviews?

A: If you have written a non-fiction sexuality book and would be kind enough to provide a review copy, please email me at

I am currently not looking to review much fiction, but I am open to reviewing erotic romance short story collections, any pairings.

Q: Where do you get the photos for your blog?

A: I take them or I am in them. I own all the rights to the photography unless otherwise noted.

Q: What is your sexual orientation?

A: I identify as a lot of things: A fetishist. A sexually fluid bisexual. Kinky. My husband and I share an open relationship. Bring all this together, shaken not stirred ;)


  1. I just want to say thanks for writing and being open about your disability, relationship orientation and sexual lifestyle.. Mostly because I myself follow ethical non monogamy.. And I worry for my daughter who has cerebral palsy and what this will mean for her life.
    I dont ever want her to feel like she is less than as every person is an amazing vessel filled with dreams, hopes and determination.. So, by sharing what you do you open a discussion for people like my daughter and make it safer..
    Go well and blessed be <3

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I want you to know that your words are genuinely appreciated - I've been struggling lately with my writing and blogging because at times it feels like what I have to say is not relevant to anyone else in the world. Connections like yours are what keeps me going. I wish the very best for you and your daughter.


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