Monday, May 2, 2016

Resource Recs: Intersections: Exploring gender, sexuality and relationship orientation

This week I am so excited to feature an amazing resource for sexual and gender identity. Intersections is a project that uses personal interviews to explore the intersections between sexuality, gender, and relationship orientation. The Intersections project is being done in cooperation with the Ohio University LGBT Center.

For an introduction, here is a video by Mike Straw explaining the intent of the project:

Some videos from the series are below:

I also participated in the interview series. My interview is posted below or you may view it on the Intersections website here.

In my interview I talk about many topics including my identity as a femme bisexual, my open relationship, my involvement in the kink community, and my disability.

 If you would like to be interviewed for the project, click here for more information.

More information on the Intersections project can be found:

Follow on Twitter: @OUIntersections

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