Sunday, April 3, 2016

All The Things!

I spent this last weekend at CatalystCon Midwest, 2016. I connected with so many amazing people, many who I have followed online since I launched my blog in 2013. I learned a ton and the whole experience has made one spectacular memory. If you are reading this and were there, thank you for being a part of a great conference. This was definitely a big Sex-Positive Bucket List item crossed off the list.

A few things have happened this week that I totally need to brag about! So this week's post is an update of a bunch of things I've been up to. Please join me and my ego in the following:

First off, check out this amazing review of my book "Trophy Wife: Sexuality. Disability. Femininity." And take some time to look about Heather Brewer's site for more sex-positive info. 

Next up, the erotic anthology "From Top to Bottom: Lesbian Stories of Dominance and Submission" is now available! My story "Inside" is included in this book. The book is edited by Harper Bliss and already generating some great reviews! Check out this review on Love Bytes: Same Sex Book Reviews.

Finally, my guest post for Hot Octopuss is now up! In this post I talk about sex, disability, and stigma. I really like this post and I'm stoked to be included on such a sex-positive site. The Hot Octopuss blog is a great resource for many different topics, in particular sex and disability or other chronic conditions.

I have several other things that will be published/surfacing soon and I will update accordingly. I am barreling ahead with several new projects, most notably the manuscript I have in the works for my next non-fiction sexuality book which focuses on disability and open relationships. Until then, some wise words that are echoing in my mind: take care of yourselves and go in peace. XOXO -LV

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