Monday, February 22, 2016

My Favorite Sexuality Videos

I'm working on some deadlines, so for this week's blog post I'm bringing you some of my favorite sex positive YouTube channels and videos. I certainly hope you enjoy, and please share and support the work of these fantastic sex-positive voices!

The first video is my all time favorite TED Talk: Erika Lust presenting on feminist porn and how she became an adult film maker. "I don't want to get women out of porn, I want to get women IN to porn!" It gives me chills every time! 

The next video comes from The All Male Review. The host CJ says "fuck" a lot but he also does fantastic reviews of sex toys for men. I highly recommend his channel. This video discusses stigma surrounding sex toys for men and let's not lie, I LOVE IT.

We continue on to Sunny Megatron who also does a lot of sex toy reviews and whose channel I also love. To get a sense of her sex-ed style check out this video on multiple female orgasms:

And now, how about a few good words about sex? Rev Bev to the rescue! Also, check out her speaker profile for CatalystCon Chicago!

Pandora Blake's channel is a go-to for spanking aficionados and also includes some interesting interviews from kinksters and porn performers. Check out her channel and watch this interview with Seani Love and Ron Beastly:

The School of Life channel offers videos on a range of topics from philosophy to economics. There are a few good ones on sex, including this one about sexting:

And finally for the history geeks out there, a wonderful presentation uncovering the evolution of women's under garments!

Thank for reading (and watching). 'Til next time, XOXO -LV

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