Monday, February 1, 2016

Book Review "Wake Up: The Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life"

I learned about the book Wake Up: The Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life from the author Jeff Finley and his Maker/Mistaker podcast. Some readers of The Unlaced Librarian know he interviewed me for episode22 of his podcast.

After reading more of his blog and listening to several podcasts I was really interested in reading his book. I will, however, freely admit that getting up early or having a productive morning routine of any sort is pretty much the last thing I want to spend energy on. So, why did I buy this book and give it five stars after reading it? Because the book is about waking up early but it is also about waking up in other ways as well.

The author explains that the catalyst for the book was his experience overcoming depression. In being more aware of his emotions and habits he used getting up early to carve out time to work on his personal development. From there he fostered the habits necessary to shape a morning routine and work on enriching activities like meditation, journaling, and exercise.

The book offers a lot of practical advice for shaping a morning routine and explains how habits work and how we can be more aware of why we do certain things. The author uses many personal experiences to illustrate his points and this makes the book more personable than some other self-help type books out there.

While the advice in the book is targeted toward making a morning routine, I found much of what he writes about could be applied to any goal. He walks readers through habits, motivations, and common pitfalls in sticking with making change and progress.

Finley also writes about many other aspects of productivity and self-reflection. In carving out time to work on meaningful activities, people become more in tune with their physical and emotional needs. By taking time to tend to these needs we feel better and in turn want to get more things done and appreciate the meaning in the things we do.

Overall, one of the most valuable aspects of the book is the author’s immense arsenal of resources. Finley names countless books, podcasts, articles, and apps that readers can use to research or implement their own routines and up their own productivity. The resources are discussed throughout the book as well as being listed in the back of the book.

Whether you take or try everything in the book or pick out a couple things to try, this book delivers personal and compassionate guidance toward helping readers wake up to the potential within. As a writer I will be using a lot of what I read toward carving out more productive time to work on projects, though I can’t guarantee that will be early in the morning. Regardless, the information and resources will help me become a better person, and help me feel better while I work on things that are meaningful to me. In that vein, I recommend this book to anyone who wants to wake up to untapped energy – and if your goal is to have an epic morning routine, I recommend the book all the more.

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