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2016: I'm on a mission from God

Happy 2016 everyone! After battling a ridiculous list of pros and cons to doing a "Happy New Year" post I realized I wasted too much time and was pretty much left with a "Happy New Year" post as my only option. So, we're off to a flying start if I do say so.

Regardless, I have so much to be excited about in the upcoming year. I am so grateful that 2015 was the first year that I met all my goals and resolutions. My blog and writing has far surpassed where I thought I'd be at this point and I see nothing but opportunities ahead.

A couple announcements I can make is that I will be having two erotica stories published in anthologies within the next few months. I will update when details are finalized.

The second isn't really an "announcement" as I've been shouting about it at every given chance, but I'll shout it again: I'm speaking at CatalystCon 2016 in Chicago!! You can read about my session, Passing and Panties, here.

My blog will remain my "home base" for my writing though I do intend to focus more on book reviews and bringing more resources to my readers. I will, however, also be focusing a great deal on writing my next non-fiction sexuality book on disability and open relationships. I had said in some places that I was going to work on a book about pornography first, but my muse completely usurped those plans and so the open relationship book it is. This move feels right for me and I don't argue with my muse.

Now that I have established myself as a sex writer and speaker, my plan is to carry on with a perseverance not seen since the days of Jake and Elwood, as the title of this post indicates. My only goal is to have a year better than the last one. I don't know how that's going to happen, but I hope you'll be there with me when it does. It's going to be good.

I'll be back next week with a properly devious book review. Until then, hit it.


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