Monday, November 2, 2015

Sex Blogger Superhero!

I found out a couple days ago that The Unlaced Librarian made's Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2015.

To say I am surprised and honored is a tremendous understatement.

Since I began this blog in 2013, I have always set goals for myself and worked to both bring better content to my readers and write about topics that are important to me, things that I would have been scared to write about in the past. Over time I have built up content that I am proud of, though I still know there are many areas in which I could improve.

As it were, one of my goals for the future was to eventually have my blog listed in the 100 as a Sex Blogging Superhero. I can't believe 2015 has been the year this happened.

The ranking for this list is a combination of voters and evaluation by staff. And I'm humbled that my little blog caught the attention of either. A tremendous thank you if you voted and another thank you if you are reading this right now. Your readership means the world to me.

This whole thing leaves me so chuffed because my life at the moment is kind of like playing pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. Except on top of being blindfolded and dizzy, I'm in a room full of kittens tripping me and there's some fine print of a machete wielding psycho chasing me if I don't manage to pin the damn tail in the right spot.

Overreaching metaphors aside, this inclusion on a list of sex bloggers is such an encouragement when I'm dreadfully behind on my writing goals, am constantly left with no resources to invest in my blog, and, let's face it, I still have .BlogSpot at the end of my url. I'm not interested in competition, but I am interested in making my work the best it can be, and some days it's quite frustrating to be held back by constraints of time, money, and the general fact that I have to keep my content a secret from most people I know in person.

The fact that my blog made a "Top" anything is incredible to me at this stage, but it is not why I'm so happy over the listing. Being #42 rocks and the badge on my sidebar (GO LOOK, IT'S SO SHINY, I'LL WAIT ..... OK. OK.) is pretty spectacular. But the real reason this is so special to me is that my work has been recognized by a community that I have a deep respect for.

Emerging in the sex positive community, I have networked with so many amazing people doing really important work from writers and educators to bloggers and podcasters. My life has been changed by conversations and the work that is so freely shared in this community. For that, I am indebted and truly grateful to have my voice acknowledged and accepted here.

This was a huge goal for my work. Releasing my sex memoir is the second big goal, a goal that will be reached in this year. 2015 was also the year I started speaking to groups with my sexuality book talk.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I have reached a point where I feel some permanency in my work. Sex writing is not just a phase, not just an experiment, not something I'm only committed to once or twice a year. Sex writing is a direction, a purpose, and a calling.

And with a title like Superhero? Well, I'm not going anywhere now.

Thank you for listening.


  1. Yeah, mama! You so deserve it. Your work is invaluable.

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