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Book Review: Genderqueer and Other Gender Identities

I am going through my library looking for areas in need of some attention. I realized I had no titles on the topic of gender fluidity or genderqueer identities. I had to do something! So I bought books, of course. Including this one.
Genderqueer and Other Gender Identities is a photography book by Dave Naz. The book was published in 2014 by Rare Bird Books.
The book is 128 pages of full page color photography. The portraits are shot on a grey background where the features, fashions, and essence of the figures seize the spotlight. Most of the photos feature people who are fully clothed though some portraits feature people in various stages of undress and a few fully nude figures.
The author offers an introduction explaining some of the nuances of the project, including the decision on how to title the book.
There are also six personal essays throughout the book that dissect individual gender identity and journeys in gender fluidity.
I find this book very informative. The photography has a…

No Nudes! The Unlaced Librarian's Two Cents on Playboy

I logged on to my vanilla Facebook earlier this week and two words peppered my newsfeed: “No Nudes!” I thought for a second I was logged on to my kinky social network, but I was not. I knew something was up if a story in the field of sexuality breaks first on my vanilla network rather than my sex positive one. And oh boy, Playboy. No more nudes?!
I am a kinky disabled femme woman and the first pornography I set eyes on were some purloined Playboys from beneath the bathroom sink. In high school there was a Playboy from the 80’s kept in one of the theatre lofts as a running joke and somewhat of a thespian tradition.
I cannot comment on this move from the point of the pornography industry or even comment on the decision’s impact on large scale media trends. I’m a sex blogger and consumer of a variety of porn, and these are my thoughts.
While the new “PG-13” veneer of Playboy will certainly spark a comment on the current climate in the field of sexuality, I was initially more interested in …

Book Review: Mating in Captivity, Unlocking Erotic Intelligence

“Mating in Captivity Unlocking Erotic Intelligence” by Esther Perel is one of the best relationship books I have read so far in my venture as The Unlaced Librarian. I love this book. The prose is easy to read, with a humor and straightforward narrative that is never insulting. The information is very practical and the scenarios dissected within the pages can be applied to so many different types of relationships.
The book is focused on people in long term sexual relationships and seeks to unravel the conflicts that arise in sustaining erotic feelings over years and decades. Perel is a couples and family therapist and she uses a wide range of couples and situations to illustrate her points. She writes about both heterosexual and same-sex couples and the language is very inclusive.
This is not a new book (my paperback copy was published by Harper in 2007) but the information in the book is still cutting edge. The author confronts some alarming realities of sexual relationships: The vario…

Defending the Body Positivity Movement

Body positivity has been around for a while now, so you’ll please forgive your friendly Unlaced Librarian for not being on the cusp of current events with this post, but lately I’ve seen a new cycle of social media posts raging against the body positive movement. Some arguments are as follows:
·The movement still focuses on women’s appearance, not their goals or well-being.
·The movement excludes men, thin woman, and other minority groups such as disabled people.
·Body positivity promotes laziness -- if something in your body needs fixed but you are told to just be happy with it, you'll never get better.
·The movement makes women even more likely to have loose morals -- if they are happy with their bodies they are more likely to wear revealing clothing or engage in casual sexual relationships.
·Loving your body is a narcissistic thing and people should focus more attention on things that will make the world better, not just being comfortable in your own body.
·We are too obsessed with b…