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Book Review: Broken by Megan Hart

“Broken” by Megan Hart holds a special place on my bookshelf because back in the day it was the first erotica I ever finished, and, obviously, enjoyed. I decided to read it at first because the main character, Sadie, has a husband in the story paralyzed from the neck down. I wanted to read an erotica, but I was also interested in seeing how disabled characters are portrayed in fiction.

The main plot points come when Sadie meets Joe once a month for lunch and he tells her of his latest sexual exploit, to which Sadie places herself as the girl Joe had been with. Sadie loves her husband Adam, and there are sex scenes with her and Adam as well as the fantasies. I thought the best thing about the book was the variety. Each encounter was unique and not all were perfect – many, in fact, were far from perfect, but still erotic and exciting. I couldn’t wait to see which would be next and I was often surprised.

What I liked most of all is that I believed the motivations behind all the characters. The reason I couldn’t finish much erotica when I first began to explore the genre was because I didn’t believe them. Character development and motivation mean a lot to me as a reader, and this book delivered that. I enjoyed it much more as an erotica than studying it as a book with a disabled character (something I do quite a bit.)

Which brings me to the only parts I didn’t like about the book. The outcome with her husband is one that is pretty cliché when it comes to severely disabled characters. BUT Hart makes it a prominent part of the character development and digs deep into the emotion and the psychology. I don’t want to give away the end, but for as many qualms I had with how it turned out, it was handled well. Also a few comments the character Adam makes about his disability I found hard to believe he would say. But it’s quite the slight complaint as the rest of the characters (and Adam most of the time) were very real to me as a reader.

When I brought this book back out to write this review, I thought I had given it 4 out of 5 stars, but a slip of paper fell out and I read in my own script: “5 stars!!!” So, it was quite the satisfying read at the time.

I also think I learned a ton about writing erotica from reading this title. If you enjoy reading erotica or are interested in writing some, I highly recommend finding this book and adding it to your repertoire.



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