Monday, August 17, 2015

Book Review: Sexy Ways to Play

First off, this book comes with a sex toy so if that doesn’t serve to pique your interest, I’m not sure what else this sex blogger can do for you.

That being said, I actually didn’t know the book came with a sex toy when I ordered it so when it came in the mail, I was slightly concerned it was a bomb, but more on that in my video version of this review at the bottom of the post.

Sexy Ways to Play by Emily Dubberley is a playful pack that comes with a 96 page book and a set of Ben Wa balls. The book is subtitled “A Guide to Sex Toys” and is quite a nice one at that.

Though small, the book has a beautiful layout with elegant photos at the chapter breaks. The sleek design adds sophistication to the very professional explanation of different types of sex toys and ideas of what you can do with them.

The core of the book explains fifteen different toys. Each toy is explained in one page with a short list of pros and cons at the bottom. I find this makes each toy easy to find and doesn’t overwhelm the reader.

Other great chapters include “Toys for Two,” “Advanced Toy play,” and “Just Enjoy Yourself.” There is discussion on how to introduce sex toys into a sexual relationship and plenty of ideas, prompts, and games to get you started. I was also very pleased the book takes time to address how to pleasure a penis, as I find that many sex toys are marketed and directed toward women. Toys need not only be used for or on women, and I was happy to see the ideas for using sex toys on and with men.

Though I am involved in kink and follow a few sex toy review blogs, there were a few tidbits of information that was new to me in this book. However, I do recommend this to those who are just starting out when it comes to sex toys. As one friend confessed to me once, “I don’t know. It’s purple? But I like it and want a bigger one.” So, if you like the purple one and want to try more, this book is the perfect place to begin. This book concisely explains a variety of sex toys, what you might want to do with them, and how to go about adventuring with them. And with a toy included, you can get right to that adventure. Enjoy.  

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