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5 Reasons You Should Own The Sex Deck

The Sex Deck (Playful Positions to Spice Up Your Love Life) written by Emily Dubberly with Dawn Harper, consists of 52 illustrated cards that each explain a sex position. This deck is a heterosexual one, but the publisher Chronicle Books offers a Gay Sex Deck as well.

Aside from the fact that a sex deck outlining 52 different positions is awesome, the following are five reasons The Unlaced Librarian thinks you should probably have the deck on your shelf, toy bag or… coffee table?

1.       New ideas

Most of the time, the focus is on playfulness in trying new ideas and that, of course, is a great reason to leaf through the positions and find new things you have never tried. But new ideas can also be practical, finding and trying positions that may be more comfortable. Each relationship is different and new ideas can foster playful experimentation, but also alleviate pain or discomfort with tried positions.

2.       Fun games

Drawing a card at random, a sexy scavenger hunt, or finding #43 in your briefcase are just the beginning for the potential of fun games you can play with your partner. With 52 cards, use your imagination.

3.       Sexual Education

I wish I had owned this deck before I started having sex. Few sex education resources talk about specific sex positions and I had no idea what the positions might entail, what they looked like, or that some might be more pleasurable to me starting out. I had been left with looking at porn, but the porn wouldn’t stop to tell me what the position was called, or if it were good for women who preferred more shallow penetration. Therefore I totally advocate this deck as a sex ed resource, even if you don’t have a partner or have never had partnered sex.

4.       Erotica writing

As an erotica writer, I need some inspiration every now and then. Thinking up new positions isn’t always as easy as I would like it to be, but this deck helps. I can also challenge myself by drawing three cards and making myself use those positions in the sex scenes of my current project. It helps having a visual and description, so I can better convey what’s going on in the sex scene.  

5.       Conversation starter

Setting The Sex Deck out on your coffee table will certainly get the dialogue on a roll. But that can be fairly risky. (I personally don’t mind a little risk, but use discretion.) The deck can also start conversations with new partners. Especially if you are in an open relationship and need to have the conversation with more than one person, having these cards can be great for breaking the ice. What’s your favorite position? What types of positions are least pleasurable for you? What do you want to try? Having the illustrations and descriptions can make the conversation more concrete as well and take out some of the guesswork. (“From behind” isn’t always the most reliable descriptor.) Bringing up the subject of sex positions can be hard for anyone, but this deck makes it a little easier to suggest ideas or ask what your partner thinks.

Any other creative sex deck ideas? Let me know in the comments!


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