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Book Review: Who's Been Sleeping in Your Head? The Secret World of Sexual Fantasies

Who’s Been Sleeping in Your Head: The Secret World of Sexual Fantasies by Brett Kahr, Ph.D. is 451 pages of sticky, tricky, sexual psychoanalysis. And I loved every bit of it! The author has over 20 years of clinical practice as a psychotherapist and as part of his work launched a sexual fantasy research project that surveyed thousands of British and American participants. The project included five hour long face-to-face interviews of some participants for the project. The fruits of this project provide the foundation for the book. And, yes, before we get much further, you read that right: psychoanalysis! Let’s talk about that first.
If you aren’t a fan of Freud, chances are you probably will take issue with several of the author’s conclusions regarding sexual fantasies. A central theme is trauma and after highlighting several case studies, the author concludes that most, if not all, sexual fantasies are rooted in childhood trauma.

Certainly an off-putting statement for many readers…

Male Pregnancy Erotica and Why I Read It

I was in college. I was reading a lot of internet fan fiction. Mostly guy on guy erotic fan fiction. One day, I found a story tagged “Mpreg.” I clicked on it. I was hooked.

“Mpreg” is a shortened term for “Male Pregnancy,” an internet subculture and genre of erotic fiction.

As far as my interests, I have never been involved extensively with other Mpreg enthusiasts, but throughout the years I have enjoyed reading the genre in erotica.

I have a few theories as to why I (or anyone) would fantasize about, or write erotic stories regarding male pregnancy. This list is not all inclusive, but I relate to the following on one level or another.

1. Nature.

Last time I knew, one of the driving forces of human nature is the desire to procreate. Though I don’t want to have children of my own, I can’t say there isn’t some biology ticking around inside of me that draws me, on some level, to the idea. I’ve had dreams about being pregnant and awoken with a fantastically lucid and peaceful feeling, e…

Book Review: Playing with Taboo by Mollena Williams

Bodily fluids. Religion. Race. Bestiality. Sexual relations with your relations. None of these things are “supposed” to be erotic. But in the maze of the human mind, many taboo topics are the center focus of fantasies and can be negotiated into planned BDSM scenes.

But having taboo fantasies can be overwhelming enough, let alone incorporating such fantasies into erotic role play or sexual repertoire. While it is not impossible, much needs to be considered to have a safe, satisfying, and enriching experience.

Which is why I am so happy to have Mollena Williams’ book, “Playing with Taboo.” The book is a “Toy Bag Guide” published by Greenery Press.

The author had no easy task confronting these taboo topics.  When even common sex acts are shamed by the mainstream, harboring a taboo fantasy can feel toxic to one’s mental, emotional, and sexual health. Embracing these parts of ourselves can be extremely difficult. So, I was more than happy that the first few chapters explore the reasons wh…