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The Unlaced Librarian is in transit....

Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by! I have no proper post this Monday because I am in the middle of moving. After having most of my stuff in storage and living like a gypsy since the beginning of October, Husband and I finally closed on a lovely house in the middle of nowhere. I like that. Once I get all my books tucked away and my writing desk in order I plan to be back full force. I have a bunch of great books to review and a healthy book haul to add to my YT channel. I also plan to make some major developments to my works in progress including my sexuality memoir "Trophy Wife: Sexuality. Disability. Femininity." as well as a few erotica projects. So thank you once again for reading and sticking with me. I hope everyone is having a safe holiday season filled with books and more than a few sexy thoughts ;) Until next time, I've posted some of my favorite posts below from this blog, and check out the archives for many more. XOXO -LV

Favorite Book Reviews:

The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance

Making Peace with Porn: Adult Entertainment and Your Guy

Bottom's Up: Spanking Good Stories

Heaven's Bride: The Unprintable Life of Ida C. Craddock

The Purity Myth: How America's Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women

Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships

A few other posts, Body Image, Open Relationships, Porn oh my!

Body Image: On Being Too Thin

Ten Ways an open Relationship Improves my Marriage

Why I Defend Pornography

Disability, Femininity, and Body Identity

You may also check out an interview I did with MFT Heather Brewer, or this off-topic post I wrote about Frank the Bunny on Fourth of July.


Popular posts from this blog

Excerpts from "Cast From the Earth" a polyamorous romance

I had so much fun sharing inspiration photos and excerpts from my novel Booked that I wanted to do one for Cast From the Earth, my polyamorous romance with zombies set in the 1890's. This book features a F/F and M/M/F pairing and lots of fighting... for love ;) Check out some snippets below!


Dust billowed up as the wagon ambled down a worn dirt road reserved for indigents and invalids. Curled in the back of the wagon clutching her satchel, Cordelia was certain she was neither. She had been offering a perfectly legitimate trade on that street corner back in town. Yet someone still turned her in for begging in public.

Cordelia found herself with no means to pay for a room at the boardinghouse and not a single establishment in White Spring would let her wash dishes or sweep floors for even one day.

Without any further discussion, Cordelia was shoved into the back of a wagon to be hauled off to the Clay County poor farm.

There had been a brief exchange in which the man entrusted with…

Ways Porn Has Helped My Life

Earlier this week @KelseyObsession on Twittier ( posted a poll asking if porn has helped people’s lives, hurt people’s lives, or been a neutral force. I answered that porn has helped my life... because it has!
I see the sentence “porn ruined my life” so often but I can honestly say that in many ways porn saved my life. (It’s a bit too click baity even for me to use as a headline, but it doesn’t make it any less true). On top of that, there has been another anti-porn wave on social media lately, so I thought I would go ahead and dedicate a post to the ways porn has helped my life.
First things first. When I write about porn, I usually get a lot of the same questions so I’ll just preface by answering those questions now: 1. No, I don’t work in the adult industry. Aside from one erotica story I wrote being published in an alternative porn magazine and a few erotic photoshoots that have never been published except as cropped header images for my blog posts, I’ve never be…

Book Review: The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance

I must confess that I become quite melancholy this time of year because I dreadfully miss going "back to school." But this time around, I almost felt like I was back in school because I had this book. Mistress Lorelei Powers has such a wonderfully authoritative and insightful voice with just enough snark, charm, and wit. I truly felt as though I were her pupil completing some very important homework as I studied this text.

Though I am involved in BDSM on some levels my interests rest mostly in fetishes rather than power exchange. So I admit that I consumed this book as a reader just as much as I did a sex blogger. And the experience was delightful.

This book is the perfect length and quite reader friendly. There is a lot of information packed into this manual, but it is enjoyable to peruse a second or third time and great to have as a reference.

The first part of the book addresses many concepts and issues in female dominance. What if you are reluctant to take the dominant…