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The Unlaced Librarian is in transit....

Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by! I have no proper post this Monday because I am in the middle of moving. After having most of my stuff in storage and living like a gypsy since the beginning of October, Husband and I finally closed on a lovely house in the middle of nowhere. I like that. Once I get all my books tucked away and my writing desk in order I plan to be back full force. I have a bunch of great books to review and a healthy book haul to add to my YT channel. I also plan to make some major developments to my works in progress including my sexuality memoir "Trophy Wife: Sexuality. Disability. Femininity." as well as a few erotica projects. So thank you once again for reading and sticking with me. I hope everyone is having a safe holiday season filled with books and more than a few sexy thoughts ;) Until next time, I've posted some of my favorite posts below from this blog, and check out the archives for many more. XOXO -LV

Favorite Book Reviews:

The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance

Making Peace with Porn: Adult Entertainment and Your Guy

Bottom's Up: Spanking Good Stories

Heaven's Bride: The Unprintable Life of Ida C. Craddock

The Purity Myth: How America's Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women

Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships

A few other posts, Body Image, Open Relationships, Porn oh my!

Body Image: On Being Too Thin

Ten Ways an open Relationship Improves my Marriage

Why I Defend Pornography

Disability, Femininity, and Body Identity

You may also check out an interview I did with MFT Heather Brewer, or this off-topic post I wrote about Frank the Bunny on Fourth of July.


Popular posts from this blog

Book Review: The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance

I must confess that I become quite melancholy this time of year because I dreadfully miss going "back to school." But this time around, I almost felt like I was back in school because I had this book. Mistress Lorelei Powers has such a wonderfully authoritative and insightful voice with just enough snark, charm, and wit. I truly felt as though I were her pupil completing some very important homework as I studied this text.

Though I am involved in BDSM on some levels my interests rest mostly in fetishes rather than power exchange. So I admit that I consumed this book as a reader just as much as I did a sex blogger. And the experience was delightful.

This book is the perfect length and quite reader friendly. There is a lot of information packed into this manual, but it is enjoyable to peruse a second or third time and great to have as a reference.

The first part of the book addresses many concepts and issues in female dominance. What if you are reluctant to take the dominant…

10 Reasons I Include Porn in My Marriage

Type “porn” and “marriage” in Google and a myriad of articles appear fretting about how porn is utterly ruining marriage. A fairly representative post can be found here. If that one's not scathing enough, read this one.  I personally used to have lots of issues with porn. But now I’m a pro-porn advocate and I believe people can make porn a healthy part of a balanced sexuality and even, yes, marriage. Below are ten reasons I intentionally include porn in mine.
1.Strengthen trust with honesty and shared vulnerability

Because we are open about the role porn (and erotica) plays for us individually and in our marriage, we can tell each other truthfully when something we see turns us on, when we want to try something we’ve seen, when we are in the mood to watch something, or any number of other things. We don’t have to worry about lying or sugar coating the truth about our desires, and that honesty means we trust each other with the information. And the truth is, hearing, “Wow, that woman…

My Thoughts On Adding Kink to the LGBT+ Acronym

I would like to preface the following by saying that this is not an assertive, serious-toned post with a mic-drop at the end. At the end of the day, I’m really not passionate one way or the other on if a ‘K’ is added to the LGBT+ acronym. I’m not even using the full acronym to comment on adding the K on. However, since I wrote a book about being a fetishist, I admit I did have some thoughts when an article on the subject of adding kink into the LGBT+ appeared in my radar.
So, today I’m sharing some of those thoughts. These are only my thoughts. Consider what follows a sort of thinking out loud. I’m sure there are plenty of people more qualified than me who will hash things out. Especially seeing as the comments section on the above article is far longer and complicated than the original article. (Though that, perhaps was the goal.)
At any rate. Some of my thoughts.
First off, I do consider kink to be my sexual orientation. But I completely understand how people won’t accept kink as a se…