Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Erotica Excerpt: Loret Floral

This excerpt from "A Bloom in Cursive" features a sample from the story "Loret Floral." We join Ryan and Crystal in the back seat of her convertible. Need I say more?

Ryan made the first move, sweeping a lock of her dark hair back and hooking it behind her ear. She leaned back and relaxed her shoulders as he trailed his fingers down her neck and brushed her collarbone.

“Mm,” she said, soft like the night, like the still water, a sweet and subtle beacon to his heart.

 He leaned forward and gently touched his lips to hers. She received him warmly, running a playful line along his lower lip with her tongue. His hands began to wander over her body, his touch becoming lost in the layers and intersections of her silky blouse. He ran a firm hand down the curve of her ass and hooked his grip behind her knee, pulling her on top of him. She held herself up with her knees on either side of his hips. She tipped her head back and laughed, the soft ends of her hair tickling the backs of his hands as he cupped her rear.

 Crystal lowered herself down and whispered into his ear, “Get me naked, lover boy.”

 She gathered her hair and Ryan felt a zipper lining the back of her shirt. He would have enjoyed unfurling the layers to reveal the reward underneath but he wasn’t going to object to taking a direct route.

 The zipper slid like a droplet of water down her back and for this he was relieved. He drew his hand back up and undid the clasp of her bra with one quick flick. Undoing bras must have been one of his natural talents, considering how rarely he got to practice. She allowed her top to fall freely from her body and leaned back as her large breasts spilled forth to him. She rocked gently, kneading a fire between his legs, a smile tracing her moonlit features.

 Ryan couldn’t believe that before he met Crystal he had lived in a world where his buddies went on about how the only way you got a girl in the back of a car was if you talked smooth and she washed your words down with alcohol. But all he could think of was how amazing she looked with her hair down and how he knew she would be perfectly all right without him and how these things only made him want her more.

 Her breasts dipped against his chest playfully as she rolled back and forth, warm and soft. Tracing touches with his fingertips up her back, he brought her closer. He took her left nipple in his mouth, her texture melting like milk chocolate. With a swish of his tongue, her skin flourished and swelled as her nipple hardened. She let out a soft, surprised “Oh!”

 He released her and she leaned into him more fully, her other hard nipple grazing his cheekbone. For a moment he was lost to her, not knowing for sure what he was groping or biting, just swimming in her flesh, searching to brush those tender, elusive spots that elicited her tentative moans.

 He slowed by breathing in her skin and sighing soft kisses into her collarbone. She moaned again. Taking this as a good sign, he proceeded. Bracing her with one hand he used the other to explore, cupping her breasts, running his touch along her curves, around her ass. She raised and lowered herself on her knees, one hand clasped tight at the nape of Ryan’s neck.

 Her thighs twitched on either side of him and the tremors felt like torture to his eager cock. He held in his own moan of passion as she used both hands to scoop up her breasts closer to him and he lapped gratefully. She encouraged what she wanted by rocking more violently into him and he was on the hard edge of bursting when she let up.

 She dismounted from Ryan’s lap, leaving him steaming. She slid into the next seat, her shoulders resting on the door as she tossed her bare feet onto Ryan’s leg. He thought about giving her a foot massage, but Ryan’s attention was captured by the fact that she was unbuttoning her jeans.

 “Help me,” she said, teasingly flirtatious. He reached over and clasped the band of her jeans and let the material glide down her smooth, soft hips. Her underwear had come along, and she helped him rid her of the garments with quick little kicks. 

 Tossing the clothes aside, Ryan’s gaze drank in her curves. The dark line of her breasts swelled and dipped into the subsequent arc of her stomach and the enticing roundness of her hips. Her strong thighs tapered down to her perfect ankles and glittery toenails. Even in the dark he could see she was wet – she had shaved all but a strip on the front of her pussy and, as she spread her legs gingerly, her glistening lips were a welcoming sight.

 As she lay there naked, he felt wild but miserably confined in his own clothing. A helpless patron in an art gallery standing before the most delightful nude.

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